• Available in many different colours.

  • Practical, effective ear warmers.

  • 100% Polyester

  • Earbags are practical. They cover your ears directly, without a headband, earbags are excellent for outdoor activities. They fit perfectly under any helmet or hat and stay in place even in bad weather. Earbags are fashionable. Earbags are available in various colours and materials that can be used during sports activities or in everyday life. Earbags are earmuffs firmly and are plugged directly to the outer ear. Practice proves that they are more effective and practical than ear muffs with headband, hat, headband, etc. as they can also be worn with a bicycle helmet. And if you are afraid of a hat and anxiety band for styling, you do not need to freeze. These practical earmuffs have no annoying headband and can be worn directly on the ear comfortably and safely thanks to a push mechanism. Earbags are ideal for running, riding, cycling, skiing and all other outdoor activities. They fit under any helmet and protect not only from the cold, but also in strong winds. All this is very useful for hearing aid users. Nevertheless, you can hear and hear normally despite self-wearing. Say goodbye to cold ears. Material:100% Polyester Fleece Earbags are hand washable (except leather and suede) and can be used for years to find the right size, please measure the height of your ears. Medium fits most people, Small size up to 6cm, Medium size 6-7cm, Large size 7 and larger

    Earbags Bandless Ear Warmers Ear Muffs - B00MW6FG68K

    Earbags Bandless Ear Warmers Ear Muffs - B00MW6FG68K

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