• Anti-blue light: the blue light blocking lens can effectively block 99% of ultraviolet and blue light, prevent glare, fatigue, headaches and dry eyes due to blue light and reduce eye fatigue when using a computer and working around the clock.

  • Fashionable and lightweight: the robust and flexible PC frame material is durable, so you don't have to worry about damage during normal use. Nose pads can prevent bacteria growth and nose deformation without causing irritation or pain. The curved temples are simple and stylish, they do not slip and ensure a comfortable fit.

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  • Enjoy a good night's sleep: laptops, smartphones, tablets and other screens emit too much blue light, which disturbs the natural circadian rhythm of your body. Glasses that block blue light can improve sleep quality and ensure a good sleep.

  • URAQT Blue Light Filter Glasses Set of 3 Round Anti Blue Light PC Gaming Glasses Fashion Glasses Blue Light Blocking Glasses No Strength Blue Filter Glasses for Men and Women - B09WMQB4GPS

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